Armored Plate

The reinforced sheet is undoubtedly the best guarantee for the rehabilitation and new work in swimming pools.

We work with the world’s number 1 selling manufacturer CGT Alkor, which offers us a 15-year guarantee on the watertightness of the vessel.

What is the reinforced sheet?

The reinforced sheet is a reinforced pvc membrane, which comes in reel formats of 25 mts long x 1.65 mts wide that allows us to manufacture in situ a custom dress for your pool, at the same time, cover all kinds of complements that it may have inside, whether stairs, seats, elephant legs or any idea that our customers may arise.

Its thickness is between 1.5mm and 1.8mm depending on the models and ranges.

It is a product that is used for both private and public swimming pools, taking into account that it offers all the quality certificates required at European and world level.

How is it installed?

This product is installed by thermofusion, overlapping between the pieces or welded to the head by means of an invisible band that does not allow us to see the welds.

We previously fixed some laminated profiles just below the coping stone of the pool and from these profiles we started to make the dress.

All welds will be checked by our technicians prior to filling, as well as the sealing between sheets by means of liquid pvc.

The filling of the pool can be done right after finishing the work, without having to wait for other materials on the market to set.

That is why the reinforced sheet is the best solution for the rehabilitation of swimming pools and it is a trend at the moment, being a sector that grows every year more and more.

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