JE&DA is the merger of two companies in the PVC reinforced sheet swimming pool repair sector.

Given the growing demand of this matter, we believe that it is good for our customers, to expand the radius of action, which so far was comprised in 4 provinces, Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona and Alicante.

That is why we decided to expand our work area in 2021 to cover practically the entire Mediterranean coast, from Girona to the region of Murcia.

We work with the world’s leading brand in reinforced sheet metal (CGT ALKOR), which offers us a 15-year warranty.

All our installers are certified by the brand (CGT ALKOR), being registered in the database of the only distributor in Spain of the product (Dobach pool service).

We also offer services to companies in the sector, which for different reasons cannot or do not know about pvc sheeting. At the same time, we also offer gunite and concrete finishing services throughout the aforementioned territory.